Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hOOrAY fOr FaMiLY PhOToS iN a WeeK!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stinkin' Cute

mE: qUInCeY, How DId YOu Get tO Be sO sTiNkiN' CuTE?

QUiNcEY: I NoT StinK. i JUsT TutE!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sunday, we went and did this!!

Yesterday and today, we woke up to this!!!
I knew it was coming, but that doesn't make me like it any more than if I hadn't known it was coming!

Happy Birthday Quincey!

HapPy BirThDAy TeEnsY-bEar!!

I don't even know what to say, my baby is now 3! She is so grown up and opinionated!

Things she loves...
Mitty Mout Tlubhouse (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
Emma's baby poohbear - Uh, ANYTHING of Emma's
being "da lido bot. Daddy said so!" (little boss)
helping me make beds
making/baking stuff
making rAiNboWs/coloring
playing the Rusty and Rosy program on the computer.

Things I love about her...

her hugs - she give THE BEST hugs!
her little voice
how much she loves her daddy
her smile
her bright blue eyes
she can take a joke
her fearlessness
she LOVES life and anything we do she has fun
she likes the food I've cooked, even if the other kids don't

I love you Quince! I can't believe you are so big already.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Pweetman Russ"

For the past 6 months (or more), Quincey has developed a bad habit. She slips her arms out of the top straps of her carseat. On our vacation last month, I must have told her every 3 minutes to put her arms back in her straps.

Today however, when I asked her to put her arms back in she flat out told me "No."

"Hmm," I thought. "Now, what??"

I told her if she didn't put her arms in, I was going to find a policeman and have him tell her to put her arms in. She said, "no."

So, I drove to our local police station. I said, "okay, we're here. This is where the policemen work."

Quincey: O-tay! O-tay! I put my ahrms in!!!

Just at that moments, a policeman emerged from the building. I made a split second decision that I didn't want to have this battle anymore. I got out of the car and went and asked him if he would do me a huge favor and talk to my defiant 3 year old who doesn't believe her mother that it is dangerous to not wear your seatbelt properly.

He came over to the car and introduced himself as Policeman Russ. When Quincey only continued to stare at her hands in her lap, he asked her what her name was. No answer. Emma finally said it. He talked to Quincey for about five minutes. She never did look up from staring into her lap at her hands. Anyhow, he talked to her way longer than I had expected. I expected a quick, "hey, it's not safe to not wear your seatbelt. You could get hurt." So, he told her if he sees us driving around, he wants her to be in her seatbelt. Then, he said, "You know, my little boy died in a car accident because he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. It makes me sad that I don't get to see him anymore. You don't want your mom to be sad because she doesn't get to see you anymore. Promise me you'll wear your seatbelt."

UHHhhh! I felt soo badly. I really didn't know what else to say, except "Thank you" as he walked away - without looking at me. I hope for him, he wasn't the wrong person to have approached that day. I hope it helped him to talk about it. It helped us. Even if it is just 2 reminders...
1. Life is so fragile -appreciate each moment (even the ones that have you wanting to rip out yours (or someone else's) hair)!!
2. Be slow to get irritated at someone, you never know exactly what someone else is going through - so give others a break and the benefit of the doubt!!


Update: 4 days later, she is wearing her seatbelt much better. However, she is still mortified. I wanted the experience to stay with her. So, I called my mom and started to hand the phone to Quincey as I said, "tell Gramma about Policeman Russ." She glared at me, shook her head, folded her arms and said, "No want to talk about Pweetman!"

Hmm. I may have taken it too far. Since then I have talking up policemen every chance I get! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


nO NoT The fALl ofF YOuR SeAt kInD of FALl (although, most of you probably did when you saw I posted something!!!)

Luke, Amy, Tyler, Emma and Quincey!!

We have had some great fall weather and the leaves on the mountain are bright red, etc. I just wanted to make a note of the beauty of Fall before the snow sets in *sigh*.

But it is great while it is lasting!! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Perseids Meteor Shower

I have warm memories of watching a meteor shower in the middle of the night with my family when I was somewhere around 8 years old. We laid in blankets and sleeping bags on the front lawn. My mother has always been so sweet - waiting on us, trying to make sure everyone has everything she can help them with. That night was no exception. She was running around making sure everyone (all 9 kids and dad = 10) had a sufficient amount of homemade cookies to keep us awake and cups full of hot chocolate. I wonder if she even got to see a shooting star that night. Hmm. I'll have to ask her.

Twenty-something years later, I wanted to allow my children that fond memory. I am sure it will be remembered. It will be interesting to hear my children's view of it when they are grown.

The kids were already in bed, when I saw on the internet that there was to be a meteor shower tonight. I went back and forth as to whether or not it was worth getting them out of bed - that is such an accomplishment it takes A LOT to even consider GETTING them out of bed. They come out by themselves way too often as it is. Fun Mom won and I called them down.

We got our sleeping bags and pillows and layed out on the grass in the backyard. I got out some cheapo sandwich cookies from our camping trip over the weekend and made them each hot chocoate in a spillproof cup. (Quincey thinks it is the ultimate labor or love for me to let her have a sippy cup! "A tippy tup? For me? *squeal*!"

I went back out and layed with them - it wasn't quite dark, dark, yet. Emma saw Venus above the mountains and said, "Mom, that one is sooo much brighter than the rest of the stars. I think it is a wormhole." :)

We had a great time laughing and talking about different stars we saw. Okay, mostly we were laughing because Emma was a stinky skunk and kept tooting. Quincey had no clue what we were looking for and kept asking to see more airplanes. I guess those were the only ones slow enough for her to get her eyes on.

After a cookie or two, I got thirsty and asked who had hot chocolate left to share with me. After tasting both Emma's and Quincey's I said, "I asked for HOT chocolate!" It was cold and yucky and those cookies left something to be desired - okay a lot to be desired. However, after a while we saw a few nice bright meteors that were big enough that Quincey even saw them. Then, there was a lull and we didn't see any for a while. I looked over and Emma and Tyler were asleep.

I guess the fun was over.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Apparently Relief!!

So, this one was too good to pass up putting on here quickly. I really shouldn't even be on here because I have soooo much to accomplish before I become the one armed bandit. So, here is the quick version.

Preface: Our master bathroom has the toilet separated from the rest of the bathroom by a door. So, it is it's own little toilet room.

Quincey ran in yesterday as I was getting ready for church. The door to the toilet room was closed. She was dancing faster than anything I have ever seen - stamping her feet so hard and furiously that she could not manage to get the door open. I opened it for her. She gasped, "TANKS" (not a spelling error) and runs in the bathroom.

She pulled down her pants. Then, pulled them back up and turned on the light.

Then, she pulled down her pants again. Oops.

Pulled them back up and shut the door.

Then, I assume she pulled them off again and got on the toilet, because I could hear her going to the bathroom.

I heard silence for a second.

Then, she sighed - very emphatically! Silence again.

Then, I heard her say, "Phew! Dat was Tlose!"

As she finished up, she was so impressed with how close it had been, she said "Dat was tlose" a few more times.

All the while not knowing I could hear her.

It made me giggle several times. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4th of July 2009

We have some great friends who have invited us to go camping with them every year, since we moved here. It has become a fun tradition. (Can I call it that when we missed last year?) :)

They have a lot of fun activities to keep the kiddos busy. And with all the families - a lot of kiddos to keep busy! The rope swing is probably the biggest hit, followed closely by the trampoline and plentiful big sticks!

All the kids had a lot of fun. Quincey had a blast hanging out with this crew!
Thanks to the T-family (you like my blog world name for you all?) We had a blast and look forward to next year!! :) Here's a video of Quincey and Luke playing Uno, while breakfast was being cooked!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A little early for heart attacks like this!

Yesterday we were at Grandma's house and I was talking to Grandma but left the car running. Emma (bless her heart - grr) got in the front seat (when will I learn to keep one eye on her at ALL times?) and proceeded to rev the engine by stomping down on the gas pedal all the way!

Freaked me out with my car whining with all those RPM's! So, I explained to her how dangerous that was and why I tell her not to get in the front seat with all the buttons. Of course she was "So, so, so sorry!" - with her professional grade tears. (If I actually thought an actresses life wasn't destined for misery, I might actually push her that direction! She is like the most fabulous little actress!)

Then Emma says, "Tyler's drived a car." (tattle tale voice)

Me: Oh, yeah? Whose car? (skeptically)

Tyler: Seth's mom's.

Me: When? (still skeptically)

Tyler: At nighttime at Seth's house.

Me: Who was with you and where were you driving?(a little less skeptically)

Tyler: Just me and Seth down his road.

Me: Where was his mom and dad (trying to hide the panic!)? All these answers came so matter of factly without any hesitation. He was REALLY starting to freak me out! Forget the freaking out from Emma's little stunt!



Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Night

It is such a special but fleeting time in our lives. Our kids are no longer babies, but are still at home most of the time. We don't have a lot of extra curricular activities going on in our lives at this time. Tyler is in first grade (almost second! ACK! When did that happen?) and did just start baseball, but I haven't felt the impact from that yet since tomorrow is only his second practice. So for the most part, we get to be just us. I love it.

I realized today, we are at the beginning of the kids' lives getting busier and I have taken this special, exclusive time of "just us" for granted. *sad*

Tonight, Luke made our together time fun. He does that a lot. He pulled out his "DARK TOWER" game that he has had since he was 9 or 10! We're talking like 27 years old!! ANCIENT!! Sorry honey.

The batteries had been left in it and leaked. It put up quite a fight, but we got it working. Usually bedtime is bedtime, but the game wasn't over yet. An hour and a half later (10:00pm-the game was even longer than that), it finally ended. Luckily the kids had napped, but still!! Hopefully we won't pay for our fun tomorrow - ie temper tantrums, etc - oh, and I hope the kids act okay too! :)

Emma's the winner!!

Thanks for a fun evening, Daddy!
*yawn* "goodnight"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Emma in Great Grandpa Lloyd's hat

Dear Grandma Mathews,

Today I was helping my daddy clean out the garage. It was so fun when you just showed up at our house. I love surprises like that. I love you. Do you remember how I like to talk about my Great-grandmas and grandpas? Well, guess what! My daddy gave me Great-grandpa Lloyd Olsen's hat today! I love it! It is my new favorite thing! I think I look pretty great in it, too!
My mom thinks I look like Kloey here.

I am such a goofball!

My mom said maybe we can put a ribbon and a flower on it to make it more girly, like me!

I love you!

Quincey's ABC's

Happy (Grand)mother's Day!!

Hey Mom! Better late than never. Besides this way you get your own day all to yourself

Not to be outdone... Here is Quincey with her

own version of Happy Grandma's Day! Complete

with blowing out of candles at the end!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How many other moms are...

cleaning toothpaste off of Every vertical surface in the kids' bathroom at 10:30 pm!?! How come kids are so detail oriented when it is something that is their idea?!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of those days...

You know those moms you see in the store with all their kids and they just look hammered and their kids are crazy and running amok? The ones you watch out of the side of your eye and think "Geez, lady get off the phone and control your monsters?" or "Oh, that poor woman." because you actually know that you can't control kids-you can only hope they look like they are well-behaved for a few minutes while you are in public?

The other day that was me. We had run a ton of errands. We had run to Luke's dad's house, the bank, Luke's office, the grocery store, etc. As a treat for the kids I told them we would stop at the Dollar Store for some pretzels and drinks. I got the kids out of the car (we also had one extra - Hunter is a little boy with Down Syndrome. I babysit him a few times a week). I put Hunter in the cart. Quincey on the front of the cart standing and Emma walking (supposedly WITH me - but not doing such a great job of it).

On our way back to the snack section, we happened across a few things I thought we "needed" so I put them in the cart. Emma also found something she "needed" - a "beautiful" ceramic cat. However, this was the same ceramic cat she had wanted a week earlier, but didn't get because she had been pouting. So, this time she didn't waste her time pouting about my saying no. She full on started to have a screaming/crying fit. I just walked off with out her figuring she would stop. About that time my SIL called to tell me some exciting news.

So, just to recap...I'm in line to check out. Emma is screaming/crying "BUT I WANT IIIIIIIITTTT!" at the top of her lungs (which are EXTRA loud - you can relate if you've heard her even talk). Hunter is sitting in the cart yelling "AHHH! AHHH! (He can't speak yet. So, he loudly tries to get your attention.) Right at that moment Quincey takes the opportunity to say equally as loudly as the other two, so as to be heard, "MOMMY!!! I POOOO---OOOOP!!"

I tried to politely get off the phone as quickly as I could while still trying to acknowledge that indeed it was exciting news my SIL had, but that I really couldn't talk at the moment. Then, I took Hunter out of the cart (still yelling AHHHH!), told my darlings (Emma still crying uncontrollably) to come along and I left my basket of stuff at the checkout counter and left-with a face that matched my hot pink shirt!

Fun times! Fun times! So embarrassing. However, on a bright note. I actually had a diaper and wipes with me!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Those darn "granilla" bars!

Tyler has had the flu for the last 2 days, but the thing that made me laugh was this...

Tyler: Mom, I don't feel so good.

Me: Why, what's wrong.

Tyler: My stomach is hurting. I think that "granilla" bar made it grumpy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Little Nurse maid

Emma. What can I say? Emma is a trip! You never know what to expect from her.

A torrent of crying? A gut squishing hug and shower of kisses? A barrage of criticism/disdain?

You ask her to clean something and she is suddenly helpless. You ask her to eat dinner and her arms that were flailing and dancing moments before are suddenly lifeless. Ask her to help you do something that sounds less than fun and she comes back at you with a "I'll help you if you do..."

Anyhow, this child that completely keeps me on my toes has a soft spot for her Dearest Daddy.

I had a cold from last Thursday to Monday. Luke caught this cold on Monday when I started feeling better. He came home from work feeling awful. Emma was so sweet with her sick daddy. Although I might add that she had not a shred of sympathy for me, days earlier.

Daddy came home and wanted to lay down. Emma asked if she could rub his back for him. He said yes, but he was going to bed. Little Emma followed him up to our room and rubbed his back for a while. Then, she sang to him and read him a book.

She came downstairs a good half hour later and told the rest of us, "Shhhh. Daddy is sleeping, 'cause I read him a story and rubbed his back." Such sweetness coming from such a little firecracker. I sure love her. Her daddy appreciated it very much. He thanked her several times and commented to me how she took care of him so well.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So, in my last post I mentioned going on a big date. Luke's and my anniversary was on Friday. So, he took me out on a date. I was excited. We haven't been out just us, for quite a while. We went to Salt Lake to 'The Roof' (one of the restaurants in the Joseph Smith Building, overlooking Temple Square). That is were he took me the night he proposed. He was going to propose at the restaurant, but he left the ring in his coat pocket. So, then we walked around temple square (me completely oblivious! He had taken soooo long to propose that I just figured it wasn't ever going to happen! I mean we had been dating 11 months and in UDT (Utah Dating Time) that is seriously like 24 years!

Anyhow, we walked around to a remote area of Temple Square and sat on the curb below the Relief Society Liberty Bell? I think that is what it was called. I thought he was really interested in this bell, because he was just standing there. So, I started reading the dedication on it (it's kind of long and hard to read at night). Really he was just waiting until a large group of people had walked further away. Meanwhile, I was still reading the plaque. So, he finally interrupted me and I turned around. He got on one knee and told me that I really made him want to be a better man and that he wanted to become this better man with me. He then gave me my ring and it fit perfectly of course! What a perfect night!

Things that made me fall in love with Luke...

1). We could ride in the car and not talk and the silence wasn't a bad thing.

2). When you ask Luke a question, he may not answer you for 5 minutes or even acknowledge you spoke! But that just means he is really thinking about the best answer.

3). His icy, but sensitive, blue eyes.

4). His sexy, bald head. (I know my spirit knew Luke would be bald by the time I met him again here on earth because I have always been attracted to bald men with dimples!)

5). His amazing singing voice! We went to a Boyz II Men concert when we were dating and he sang all the songs to ME! I felt so special! (Later I found out he wasn't singing to me! He was just singing. Hmph.)

6). He gets any project he starts completed (and in a timely manner, too!) That is something I really admire, since I have an infinite number of incomplete projects and ideas of projects I "want" to do.

7). When he says he will do something, he does it.

8). He is honest.

9). He treats me like a queen. Something I don't deserve since I am seriously just a princess with issues!!

10). He is such a great dad!

11). He is thrifty.

12). He is a tease.

13). He plays sports with me and with the kids.

14). He is athletic.

15). He strives hard to be worthy of the Prieshood he holds.

16). He helps around the house! Every Saturday, he rounds up the kids and we ALL clean for a couple of hours. He is not afraid to chip in during the week either. He will vacuum, do dishes, clean bathrooms, whatever to help me out.

17). He is in CONSTANT pain with his back and I seriously forget that all the time because he NEVER complains and continues to do whatever needs to be done (even if he will pay for it later).

For our big date, we went the roof and to Temple Square, just like we did 10 years, 3 months ago. He was my bestfriend then and he is still my bestfriend now. A couple of things are different now. We are better friends and not so quiet around each other. Okay, I am not as quiet as (I pretended) I was when we were dating). We now have 3 munchkins, we are a bit older and wiser (I hope).

Every once in a while, what ifs can creap into your head and make you wonder what is going on in the alternate universe of your life and I am soooooooooooo thankful that mine has turned out the way it has. I can't think of anything I would change in my life at this time. We have those everyday struggles, but nothing big. I often wonder when my trials are going to start -- NOT THAT I AM ASKING FOR THEM! But, I often ponder that these little everyday things are my trials because obviously I haven't mastered them yet! Hopefully when I grow up, I will be able to react with love in all situations! Luckily, I have the bestest hubby in the whole world and it doesn't take a whole lot of patience to be married to him.

I love you, Luke-y!! Thanks for 10 awesome years and here's to 50 more! - even though I know you say you won't live that long! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Mom's Not Really My Mom...

As I am up in my bathroom doing my hair/makeup for my BIG DATE tonight, I have my windows open. My children have friends over to keep the busy and out of the aforementioned hair. So, I hear Tyler and his friend out on the playset talking. I didn't really pay attention to what they were talking about until I hear Tyler say, "My Mom's not REALLY my mom." Jason said something inaudible before I got closer to the window. Then, Tyler says, "Well, she's not my mom. She's my babysitter." Uh! INGRATE!

I call out from my second story window, "Whatever! You turkey-buzzard, Tyler!" Which shocks him. He is not used to the windows being open. Although he should be used to an eaves-dropping mother. Anyhow, he lets out a yelp, followed by a fake, mocking laugh at me.

Turkey-buzzard ingrate 7-year old!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And God said "HA! You need to be humbled!"

So, 15 minutes (literally) after my last post, I went downstairs and blended my breakfast drink. As I tried to pour it in my cup, it JUMPED out of the blender and all over the floor!

HMMM.... I wonder where my accident prone kids get it??!! Question of the week. Let me know if you figure it out.

In NON-procrastinator Style...

I actually COMPLETED a project!!!!
I started and finished recovering these in 2 1/2 hours!

We have had them for about 7 months and they
were stained beyond stained! So, they have been off-white
and stain colors: including, but not limited to rootbeer,
crayon, milk, juice, RED crystal light, PURPLE crystal
light (why a mother would let her kids drink things those
colors is beyond me! She must not be very bright. *sigh*),
mud, etc.

Actually, the 2nd day we had them Emma ripped the
plastic (on purpose) temporarily left on the cushions and spilled
rootbeer precisely into the tear (on accident). Both types of
actions REGULAR occurances. UGH!!

One friend made the comment to her husband, "Yeah, if you
heard some of the stories about Emma, you would feel much
better about the accidents that happen at our house."

And this time they have THICK plastic covering them! I
guess we'll see how long they withstand Emma! But, I like
them for now!

Hmm. I will look on the bright side. Emma gives me the chance
to change things up at our house.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am supposed to be caulking the basement...

So, in true procrastinator style...

I am trying to live in the moment...

And I wouldn't be happier doing anything else!

Now if only the mess would clean itself up!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Luke's Birthday!!

My awesome hubby turned Sexy-two again!! Aren't I lucky?!

The festivities began early as Luke fixed his own breakfast! He had waited patiently for quite a while as I helped the kids get ready for school, but being the fabulous wife I am I decided to let him make sure his food was exactly the way he likes it! Ahh! So sweet!

Next, to continue in the fun, we worked down in the basement doing finishing trim for the doors. Again, what an awesome wife to plan such F-U-N!!

Then, after having so much F-U-N for SOOOOO long dinner was hurriedly but lovingly "thrown" together. I ask you, what has he done to deserve such a party planner for a wife?

After dinner the plan was to go play miniature golf. Seriously? You want to drive all the way to Orem at 7:30pm to play putt putt on a school night? Well, we were supposed to be eating at 5:30 not starting to fix dinner at 6p. Umm...
Anyone up for a Redbox? While Tyler and Luke ran to the nearest Redbox, Emma and I arranged for a treasure hunt for the pirate's loot! (an alarm clock, a shirt, an SD card and a cribbage game! Wow! Did he make out like a bandit, or what?)

As Luke tried to follow the trail of candy kisses (that kept disappearing right before he got to them, and the kids stuffed their pockets) and silly poems from the kids, I followed behind laughing as the kids were each trying to get him to find "their" treasure first.

After the treasure hunt it was time for "cake" or pie in the case of this lucky fellow. After all the kids added their spittle to the crumble topping (Luke had us light the candles for each one) we dug in and had my feeble attempt at a cherry pie.

To finish off the night, Tyler made up his own treasure hunt complete with notes such as "Dad you think you are great. Well you are." "Dad you are the best dad ever", etc. These were the
"clues" that were supposed to lead to the next "clue."

When he found the last clue beside our bed, he tackled all the kids on it and I tried to catch the fun on film...
Then, I got tackled into the fun! However, I would prefer it wasn't my big fat face smack in the middle of the picture, but alas, I had the camera and despite my attempts to wriggle free and to the back of the pack, I was stuck.
Happy birthday honey! Wow! What a group!

Babysitting Cousin Claire-ita!!

Emma and Quincey were big helps when it came to babysitting our littlest cousin, Claire. Whom we have dubbed Clarita! However, when Quincey says it, it sounds more like Cheetah!
(See I told you her hair always looks like that!)

Blue Eyes and Green tongues!

I know you thought I was describing monsters...

and you were right!

(you gotta love those color changing/staining ringpops!)

Ravings of a Food Critic!!

This little munchkin has fast become my favorite dinner guest! Every meal is met with "Mmmm! Mommy this is nummy!"
Me fishing for more compliments, "Oh, is it good?"

Quincey will invariably reply, "Mmhmm! Nummy!"

I love a food critic that knows her stuff!
I am not really sure why I ever actually do her hair. It looks like this most of the time, since she usually pulls out her barretts, ponies, etc.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Failures of a Disney Fanatic!!

In a moment of insanity yesterday, I decided to sort through my boxes of scrapbook stuff and get organized so I can get back to doing some scrapping! Poor Quincey doesn't have anything for her scrapbook and she's 2 yrs old!

Anyhow, I decided to turn on a movie for the girls to keep their busy hands and sticky fingers out of my stickers. Wanting to avoid the further cleanup of stickers stuck on everything fromt the carpet to the sofa to the wooden chairs (stickers adhere particularly well to wood), etc. Emma asked to watch the little mermaid. It took a while for me to find it, with Emma cheering me on, "but mom! You found it last time!" So, I dug a little further and finally "Voila! Found it!"

Emma: That's not the Little Mermaid (frowning at the cover).
Me: Yes, it is.
Emma: No, it's not! That's the BIG mermaid!

She wanted to watch the Little Mermaid II. To her Ariel is the mom and Melody is the true Little Mermaid. On a sidenote this is somewhat how I view my life (I am not the BIG mermaid! I am still the young, little, fun mermaid!)

WHHAAAAAHHHH! I guess I must give up my title as Disney Movie Buff. I hereby renounce my crown and throne until further date as I can prove myself worthy and my children more knowledgable of things MOST IMPORTANT.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tyler and Hannah Montana

At the beginning of the school year, Tyler did not have a lunchbox. I could not find one that was worth the $$, in my opinion. So, Tyler and I colored a bunch of brown paper lunch sacks with some of his favorite characters, holidays, etc. We had a good stack of them. Emma got a little jealous. So, we made a few for her, as well.

Eventually, I found a lunchbox for a good deal and Tyler stopped taking sack lunches. The other day (and once before) someone made off with his lunchbox and he has started taking sack lunches again. Recently, we ran out of the decorated ones. So, I started sending plain brown ones.

A few days into the stack of plain sacks, I was making Tyler's lunch. He walked into the kitchen and says, "Mooom! Some kids made fun of me yesterday for my Hannah Montana lunchbag."

Ooops. The Hannah Montana bag had been one of Emma's sacks and was only decorated on one side. I guess I failed to notice the girly decoration. I thought it was just one of the many plain ones left.

I hope in having me for a mother he is at least learning to laugh about these types of situations as I can only suppose this will not be my one mistake or shortcoming as a mother!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Musings from the "Think Place"


The shower. :)

So today, I had the girls in the bathtub and since I had gone to spinning class today, I hopped in the shower. As I put too much shampoo in my hand, I started thinking about the $$ we were supposed to save on soap by purchasing a water softener (which I love). We should use less soap because the water is soft and it doesn't take as much to do the job. Well, I still haven't learned how to use less soap. So as I am oversudsing (Microsoft says that isn't a word, but whatever) my hair, I thought about it for a minute, feeling a little bad at my wastefulness. Then, in an instant I rationalized myself better! Thought process something like this...

I shouldn't use this much shampoo. My hair isn't even that long. My hair doesn't need to be this foamy to get clean. If I had shorter hair would I use less soap? I wonder how much Luke uses?


So I've decided, it's okay that I use twice as much shampoo. I am just using Luke's ration of shampoo. :) Meanwhile, I will try to remember to use a little less (but still not gonna do the guilt!) heehee

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Name is a name is a name

Deb, you'll like this one.

The girls and I were folding laundry and came across a pair of baby socks.
Quincey: Dees Tincey's?
Emma (laughing): No, these are for a baby!
Me: We can give them to baby Clarita.
Emma: Mooom! Her name is not that. She is Debbie's baby.
Me: Well, what is her name then?
Emma: Claire.
Me: No, it is Clarita.
Emma: No Mom! It is Claire!
Me: Emma, her name is Clairita.
Emma: No it isn't.
Me: Okay, but I call her Clarita.
Emma: But Mom, that isn't her name.

Stubborn kid, but I guess when you're right, you're right! But, I am sure I will be corrected again! Every baby has to have a nickname! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now I remember why I hate running errands!


After running more than a few errands, in not enough time, we came to Shopko. After some returns (and some not - DON'T LOSE YOUR RECEIPTS PEOPLE (prices drop quickly)), we looked at a few things quickly and got ready to leave - we needed to get back home to get Emma to a birthday party.

Luke had Emma and Tyler and turned around and said let's go. I turned to glimpse Quincey running past a rack of clothes. I said, "Come on Quincey." She turned the other way and ran around the clothes rack. I went and caught her and told her we needed to leave. I did not hang on to her - expecting her to follow me? (temporary loss of brain function).

I turned a split second and turned back to encourage her to continue to follow me. She was already long gone and I couldn't find her. So, I ran to the Customer Service desk and told them I was missing my child. To all who were staying up nights wondering, the situation is called a "CODE GREEN" at our local Shopko.

A manager (off duty) at the time, went and locked down the entire store until we could find her.

As I could no longer stand waiting there at the front of the store and I went looking also. After about 10-12 minutes, I heard "Cancel Code Green."

I charged to the front of the store and saw Quincey coming around an endcap with her arm stretched as high as she could reach, holding the hand of one of the tallest men I have ever seen! She marched with a swagger and her chin jutted out letting me know she had come on her terms only and I had lost! This was not her surrender, but her victory lap! What a STINKER!

Well, she did give me a hug - from which I instantly melted!

Growing Fences - for lovers of baby aminals

Today Emma wanted to have a friend come over to play.

Mom, I want the girl with the curly hair and the angel kisses all over her face.


Yeah, Maggie. Mom, what does Maggie's dad do?

He works in the forest. (He works for the National Forest Service).

How come my dad doesn't work in the forest?

Because your dad works in an office.

Mom, I want my dad to work in the woods, too.

Why do you want your dad to work in the woods?

Because then, he could bring me lots of baby aminals to put in our backyard.

Later...telling Luke the story in Emma's presence.

Luke replies, "Emma I couldn't bring you any animals. We don't have a fence."

Well dad, we can get a fence. I will grow one!

Emma, if you grow us a fence, I will get you some baby aminals.


My problem is this kid is so inginuitive and stubborn, she may just do it and Luke'll have to keep his promise. Then who gets stuck taking care of all the baby aminals? (Luckily, he did say aminals, as did she). And technically, aminals don't exist, right?!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tyler's secret crush.

Yesterday, Debbie (Luke's sister) was in town.
She asked Tyler, "What is your favorite part of school?"
Tyler: My teacher. She dresses nice and she has a nice face.

So today, I asked him. "So Tyler, you like your teacher, huh?"
Tyler: Yes.
Me: What do you like about her?
Tyler: Her eyes. Oh, and she smells nice, too. But mostly, her eyes.

Well at least he focuses on mentionable features! lol