Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Luke's Birthday!!

My awesome hubby turned Sexy-two again!! Aren't I lucky?!

The festivities began early as Luke fixed his own breakfast! He had waited patiently for quite a while as I helped the kids get ready for school, but being the fabulous wife I am I decided to let him make sure his food was exactly the way he likes it! Ahh! So sweet!

Next, to continue in the fun, we worked down in the basement doing finishing trim for the doors. Again, what an awesome wife to plan such F-U-N!!

Then, after having so much F-U-N for SOOOOO long dinner was hurriedly but lovingly "thrown" together. I ask you, what has he done to deserve such a party planner for a wife?

After dinner the plan was to go play miniature golf. Seriously? You want to drive all the way to Orem at 7:30pm to play putt putt on a school night? Well, we were supposed to be eating at 5:30 not starting to fix dinner at 6p. Umm...
Anyone up for a Redbox? While Tyler and Luke ran to the nearest Redbox, Emma and I arranged for a treasure hunt for the pirate's loot! (an alarm clock, a shirt, an SD card and a cribbage game! Wow! Did he make out like a bandit, or what?)

As Luke tried to follow the trail of candy kisses (that kept disappearing right before he got to them, and the kids stuffed their pockets) and silly poems from the kids, I followed behind laughing as the kids were each trying to get him to find "their" treasure first.

After the treasure hunt it was time for "cake" or pie in the case of this lucky fellow. After all the kids added their spittle to the crumble topping (Luke had us light the candles for each one) we dug in and had my feeble attempt at a cherry pie.

To finish off the night, Tyler made up his own treasure hunt complete with notes such as "Dad you think you are great. Well you are." "Dad you are the best dad ever", etc. These were the
"clues" that were supposed to lead to the next "clue."

When he found the last clue beside our bed, he tackled all the kids on it and I tried to catch the fun on film...
Then, I got tackled into the fun! However, I would prefer it wasn't my big fat face smack in the middle of the picture, but alas, I had the camera and despite my attempts to wriggle free and to the back of the pack, I was stuck.
Happy birthday honey! Wow! What a group!