Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rag Quilts

Hey Hill,
You were wondering what the baby quilts looked like. Here are two of them. The purple was my favorite out of all the ones I made. I didn't think to take pics of the first few and they were already gone.

This more neutral colored one was an interesting bunch of colors before it was put together. I think it actually turned out pretty cute.

This is what the under side turns out like.

Okay, how cool is this??

This is the picture that was on the LDS Church website and our local news channels of the new temple site here in Payson, Ut.
See that brown house in the upper left corner? Yeah, that's our house!! Yay!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

wHAT do hOt ANd bASketBALL haVE IN cOMMon?

Friday night, we went to a Utah Flash basketball game. Luke got some courtside front row tix with owner's box access, from a vendor he works with! We had so much fun! These are the things Tyler liked the most of the night. The FlashFox and Luke Nevill. Tyler thought it was pretty awesome to share part of a name. I would post a picture of Tyler at the game as well, but since the only one of him looks like he is picking his nose, I won't. (He was only scratching it, but you can only tell that if you look closely!)

It is a little hard to keep a 3 year old from sneaking onto the court when it is just right there to touch. Okay, a 5 and 8 year old, as well! We ended up sitting next to Mark Madsen's folks!Honestly, I didn't know who he is. Luke does and he and Tyler were quite excited that he is the assistant coach of the Flash. Mark's mom volunteered to get his autograph for Tyler. So, she took Tyler's "Flash" jersey (Payson City league basketball is sponsored by the Flash) and took it over to Mark and asked him to sign it and get as many of the players autographs as well. Tyler is so excited! She is going to mail it back to him!

So, not to be left out (however much I would prefer them to be) are the cheerleaders! Emma was just ennamored by these cheerleaders! The fact that she kept taking pictures of them caught their eyes. So, they waved her over and took this picture with her. She was in heaven! Suggestions for helping your daughter NOT be interested in being a cheerleader or girly girl drama queen are welcome! She loves that it can look like she has longer, curly hair in this picture because their hair is draping over her! :)

What a sight we walked out to after the game!
Okay, it wasn't that bad, but the roads were pretty bad with about 2-3 inches of snow.
On the way home Emma asked, "Why is it hot like smoke in here?"
Me: It's me.
Emma: You're smokin'?!
Me: Yeah! Smokin' HOT!!
Tyler: YEAH SHE IS!!!!!
Totally cracked Luke and me up! Emma, was still a little lost. "Wha-?"
Fun Night! Thanks Luke!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Helper

I sent Quincey into the bathroom to brush her teeth. 10 minutes later, I still heard commotion in the bathroom.

Me: Quincey, what are you doing in there?

Quincey: I tleaning the batroom Mom!

The noise I heard had been a scritchy scratchy sound...

Me: Quincey don't clean the counter with your toothbrush! That's gross!

Quincey: I NOT! It's Tyler's tootbrutch!

A few minutes later she came out to report, "Mom, I done brutching my teef!"

I wonder which toothbrush she used? Um, ignorance is bliss! *tuneless whistling"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Please May I Have a Drink?

I will preface this entry with a note of a personal decision Luke and I have made. We decided (when Tyler was a baby) that we would allow our children to take the sacrament after they were baptized. Our hope is that it will be more meaningful to them. There were a few Sundays when our children were less than happy about that decision, as they see everyone else taking it (including their friends). However, it has been a very long time since we have had to deal with one of our children even commenting on not being able to take the sacrament.

Yesterday in church, the water was being passed. After it went by, Emma said, "Mom, I really want a drink!"

Me: Emma, you can have the sacrament after you are baptized when you are 8.

Emma: (in her best mom you are so lame voice) Mom, I know! I just want a REGULAR drink! Not one with the PRIESTHOOD in it!