Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tyler - if only this could last...

"Mom, why didn't you sign me up for summer school?  Is it too late?  Can I go to summer school?"

Sense of Fashion or Just Plain Ol' Stubbornness?

Emma has had kindergarten preview the last 2 days.  This morning she came down wearing a shirt that I tried to get her to wear to preschool on numerous occassions.  She refused every time citing, "It's ugly" along with tears and body jiggles that resembled a tantrum.  Now that it is almost too small it is a new favorite.  It does look quite cute, but why does she have to refute EVERYTHING I say until I leave it alone and it becomes her idea????   :)  If I were to say the sky is blue, she would say it is orange.  And then IF I came around and said the sky is orange, THEN she would say, "No, it is blue."  She just loves to think I know NOTHING!!  I thought that didn't come until the teenage years?!!  I tremble at the thought of what is to come with that girl!!  ;0)