Thursday, May 13, 2010

Registering for PreSchool

I've been telling Quincey for over a month that we are going to register her for preschool.  She in turn has been very excited and asking about it quite often.

Finally, yesterday we got to the "school" and filled out the paperwork to register her for class.  It was a bit hectic, as we had come right when the current morning session was ending and there were children going to various cars, etc.  I finished filling out the paperwork and said, "okay, let's go" to Emma and Quincey.  Emma started to follow me, but Quincey hung back.  When I hear this little voice, "Bye Mommy! I wub you!"  I turned around and she looked so little standing there - not sure where to go, chin down, unsure blue eyes looking at me with eyebrows raised, thinking I was leaving her there, right then. Augh! It just about broke my heart!  She wanted to stay, but her mother was just abandoning her without hugging her or giving her a kiss or ANYTHING!!  I rushed back and gave her a big hug and when I told her I wasn't leaving her today and we would come back another day.  She held my hand and skipped back to the car.

I don't want her to ever let go!  My eyes are welled up with tears again as I write about this, because I felt so badly that she thought I was just leaving without hugs or kisses or anything!  I need therapy, now. That was traumatic for me!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Unta Boo

The other night after I tucked all the kiddos in bed, Quincey came into the room and said, "Mommy..."

To which I quickly responded, "Quincey, you should be in bed. Go!"

"But Mommy, I want to tew you someting."

Me (exasperated), "What Quincey?"

Quincey (gushing amazement), "Unta Boo (Uncle Boo - or Matt) can Bwow da wight out in my woom!!" Her mouth dropping open to emphasize her incredulity!

Me: "Wow! That's pretty awesome!"

Quincey: "Yes! And it is AMADING too!!!!

Apparently I am a bad Mom and have never shown her the trick of blowing out the lights at night.  But thankfully we have Unta Boo and At Boo to help remedy my short comings!! My kids may turn out all right, after all!!