Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Night

It is such a special but fleeting time in our lives. Our kids are no longer babies, but are still at home most of the time. We don't have a lot of extra curricular activities going on in our lives at this time. Tyler is in first grade (almost second! ACK! When did that happen?) and did just start baseball, but I haven't felt the impact from that yet since tomorrow is only his second practice. So for the most part, we get to be just us. I love it.

I realized today, we are at the beginning of the kids' lives getting busier and I have taken this special, exclusive time of "just us" for granted. *sad*

Tonight, Luke made our together time fun. He does that a lot. He pulled out his "DARK TOWER" game that he has had since he was 9 or 10! We're talking like 27 years old!! ANCIENT!! Sorry honey.

The batteries had been left in it and leaked. It put up quite a fight, but we got it working. Usually bedtime is bedtime, but the game wasn't over yet. An hour and a half later (10:00pm-the game was even longer than that), it finally ended. Luckily the kids had napped, but still!! Hopefully we won't pay for our fun tomorrow - ie temper tantrums, etc - oh, and I hope the kids act okay too! :)

Emma's the winner!!

Thanks for a fun evening, Daddy!
*yawn* "goodnight"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Emma in Great Grandpa Lloyd's hat

Dear Grandma Mathews,

Today I was helping my daddy clean out the garage. It was so fun when you just showed up at our house. I love surprises like that. I love you. Do you remember how I like to talk about my Great-grandmas and grandpas? Well, guess what! My daddy gave me Great-grandpa Lloyd Olsen's hat today! I love it! It is my new favorite thing! I think I look pretty great in it, too!
My mom thinks I look like Kloey here.

I am such a goofball!

My mom said maybe we can put a ribbon and a flower on it to make it more girly, like me!

I love you!

Quincey's ABC's

Happy (Grand)mother's Day!!

Hey Mom! Better late than never. Besides this way you get your own day all to yourself

Not to be outdone... Here is Quincey with her

own version of Happy Grandma's Day! Complete

with blowing out of candles at the end!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How many other moms are...

cleaning toothpaste off of Every vertical surface in the kids' bathroom at 10:30 pm!?! How come kids are so detail oriented when it is something that is their idea?!!