Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of those days...

You know those moms you see in the store with all their kids and they just look hammered and their kids are crazy and running amok? The ones you watch out of the side of your eye and think "Geez, lady get off the phone and control your monsters?" or "Oh, that poor woman." because you actually know that you can't control kids-you can only hope they look like they are well-behaved for a few minutes while you are in public?

The other day that was me. We had run a ton of errands. We had run to Luke's dad's house, the bank, Luke's office, the grocery store, etc. As a treat for the kids I told them we would stop at the Dollar Store for some pretzels and drinks. I got the kids out of the car (we also had one extra - Hunter is a little boy with Down Syndrome. I babysit him a few times a week). I put Hunter in the cart. Quincey on the front of the cart standing and Emma walking (supposedly WITH me - but not doing such a great job of it).

On our way back to the snack section, we happened across a few things I thought we "needed" so I put them in the cart. Emma also found something she "needed" - a "beautiful" ceramic cat. However, this was the same ceramic cat she had wanted a week earlier, but didn't get because she had been pouting. So, this time she didn't waste her time pouting about my saying no. She full on started to have a screaming/crying fit. I just walked off with out her figuring she would stop. About that time my SIL called to tell me some exciting news.

So, just to recap...I'm in line to check out. Emma is screaming/crying "BUT I WANT IIIIIIIITTTT!" at the top of her lungs (which are EXTRA loud - you can relate if you've heard her even talk). Hunter is sitting in the cart yelling "AHHH! AHHH! (He can't speak yet. So, he loudly tries to get your attention.) Right at that moment Quincey takes the opportunity to say equally as loudly as the other two, so as to be heard, "MOMMY!!! I POOOO---OOOOP!!"

I tried to politely get off the phone as quickly as I could while still trying to acknowledge that indeed it was exciting news my SIL had, but that I really couldn't talk at the moment. Then, I took Hunter out of the cart (still yelling AHHHH!), told my darlings (Emma still crying uncontrollably) to come along and I left my basket of stuff at the checkout counter and left-with a face that matched my hot pink shirt!

Fun times! Fun times! So embarrassing. However, on a bright note. I actually had a diaper and wipes with me!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Those darn "granilla" bars!

Tyler has had the flu for the last 2 days, but the thing that made me laugh was this...

Tyler: Mom, I don't feel so good.

Me: Why, what's wrong.

Tyler: My stomach is hurting. I think that "granilla" bar made it grumpy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Little Nurse maid

Emma. What can I say? Emma is a trip! You never know what to expect from her.

A torrent of crying? A gut squishing hug and shower of kisses? A barrage of criticism/disdain?

You ask her to clean something and she is suddenly helpless. You ask her to eat dinner and her arms that were flailing and dancing moments before are suddenly lifeless. Ask her to help you do something that sounds less than fun and she comes back at you with a "I'll help you if you do..."

Anyhow, this child that completely keeps me on my toes has a soft spot for her Dearest Daddy.

I had a cold from last Thursday to Monday. Luke caught this cold on Monday when I started feeling better. He came home from work feeling awful. Emma was so sweet with her sick daddy. Although I might add that she had not a shred of sympathy for me, days earlier.

Daddy came home and wanted to lay down. Emma asked if she could rub his back for him. He said yes, but he was going to bed. Little Emma followed him up to our room and rubbed his back for a while. Then, she sang to him and read him a book.

She came downstairs a good half hour later and told the rest of us, "Shhhh. Daddy is sleeping, 'cause I read him a story and rubbed his back." Such sweetness coming from such a little firecracker. I sure love her. Her daddy appreciated it very much. He thanked her several times and commented to me how she took care of him so well.