Monday, March 23, 2009


So, in my last post I mentioned going on a big date. Luke's and my anniversary was on Friday. So, he took me out on a date. I was excited. We haven't been out just us, for quite a while. We went to Salt Lake to 'The Roof' (one of the restaurants in the Joseph Smith Building, overlooking Temple Square). That is were he took me the night he proposed. He was going to propose at the restaurant, but he left the ring in his coat pocket. So, then we walked around temple square (me completely oblivious! He had taken soooo long to propose that I just figured it wasn't ever going to happen! I mean we had been dating 11 months and in UDT (Utah Dating Time) that is seriously like 24 years!

Anyhow, we walked around to a remote area of Temple Square and sat on the curb below the Relief Society Liberty Bell? I think that is what it was called. I thought he was really interested in this bell, because he was just standing there. So, I started reading the dedication on it (it's kind of long and hard to read at night). Really he was just waiting until a large group of people had walked further away. Meanwhile, I was still reading the plaque. So, he finally interrupted me and I turned around. He got on one knee and told me that I really made him want to be a better man and that he wanted to become this better man with me. He then gave me my ring and it fit perfectly of course! What a perfect night!

Things that made me fall in love with Luke...

1). We could ride in the car and not talk and the silence wasn't a bad thing.

2). When you ask Luke a question, he may not answer you for 5 minutes or even acknowledge you spoke! But that just means he is really thinking about the best answer.

3). His icy, but sensitive, blue eyes.

4). His sexy, bald head. (I know my spirit knew Luke would be bald by the time I met him again here on earth because I have always been attracted to bald men with dimples!)

5). His amazing singing voice! We went to a Boyz II Men concert when we were dating and he sang all the songs to ME! I felt so special! (Later I found out he wasn't singing to me! He was just singing. Hmph.)

6). He gets any project he starts completed (and in a timely manner, too!) That is something I really admire, since I have an infinite number of incomplete projects and ideas of projects I "want" to do.

7). When he says he will do something, he does it.

8). He is honest.

9). He treats me like a queen. Something I don't deserve since I am seriously just a princess with issues!!

10). He is such a great dad!

11). He is thrifty.

12). He is a tease.

13). He plays sports with me and with the kids.

14). He is athletic.

15). He strives hard to be worthy of the Prieshood he holds.

16). He helps around the house! Every Saturday, he rounds up the kids and we ALL clean for a couple of hours. He is not afraid to chip in during the week either. He will vacuum, do dishes, clean bathrooms, whatever to help me out.

17). He is in CONSTANT pain with his back and I seriously forget that all the time because he NEVER complains and continues to do whatever needs to be done (even if he will pay for it later).

For our big date, we went the roof and to Temple Square, just like we did 10 years, 3 months ago. He was my bestfriend then and he is still my bestfriend now. A couple of things are different now. We are better friends and not so quiet around each other. Okay, I am not as quiet as (I pretended) I was when we were dating). We now have 3 munchkins, we are a bit older and wiser (I hope).

Every once in a while, what ifs can creap into your head and make you wonder what is going on in the alternate universe of your life and I am soooooooooooo thankful that mine has turned out the way it has. I can't think of anything I would change in my life at this time. We have those everyday struggles, but nothing big. I often wonder when my trials are going to start -- NOT THAT I AM ASKING FOR THEM! But, I often ponder that these little everyday things are my trials because obviously I haven't mastered them yet! Hopefully when I grow up, I will be able to react with love in all situations! Luckily, I have the bestest hubby in the whole world and it doesn't take a whole lot of patience to be married to him.

I love you, Luke-y!! Thanks for 10 awesome years and here's to 50 more! - even though I know you say you won't live that long! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Mom's Not Really My Mom...

As I am up in my bathroom doing my hair/makeup for my BIG DATE tonight, I have my windows open. My children have friends over to keep the busy and out of the aforementioned hair. So, I hear Tyler and his friend out on the playset talking. I didn't really pay attention to what they were talking about until I hear Tyler say, "My Mom's not REALLY my mom." Jason said something inaudible before I got closer to the window. Then, Tyler says, "Well, she's not my mom. She's my babysitter." Uh! INGRATE!

I call out from my second story window, "Whatever! You turkey-buzzard, Tyler!" Which shocks him. He is not used to the windows being open. Although he should be used to an eaves-dropping mother. Anyhow, he lets out a yelp, followed by a fake, mocking laugh at me.

Turkey-buzzard ingrate 7-year old!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And God said "HA! You need to be humbled!"

So, 15 minutes (literally) after my last post, I went downstairs and blended my breakfast drink. As I tried to pour it in my cup, it JUMPED out of the blender and all over the floor!

HMMM.... I wonder where my accident prone kids get it??!! Question of the week. Let me know if you figure it out.

In NON-procrastinator Style...

I actually COMPLETED a project!!!!
I started and finished recovering these in 2 1/2 hours!

We have had them for about 7 months and they
were stained beyond stained! So, they have been off-white
and stain colors: including, but not limited to rootbeer,
crayon, milk, juice, RED crystal light, PURPLE crystal
light (why a mother would let her kids drink things those
colors is beyond me! She must not be very bright. *sigh*),
mud, etc.

Actually, the 2nd day we had them Emma ripped the
plastic (on purpose) temporarily left on the cushions and spilled
rootbeer precisely into the tear (on accident). Both types of
actions REGULAR occurances. UGH!!

One friend made the comment to her husband, "Yeah, if you
heard some of the stories about Emma, you would feel much
better about the accidents that happen at our house."

And this time they have THICK plastic covering them! I
guess we'll see how long they withstand Emma! But, I like
them for now!

Hmm. I will look on the bright side. Emma gives me the chance
to change things up at our house.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am supposed to be caulking the basement...

So, in true procrastinator style...

I am trying to live in the moment...

And I wouldn't be happier doing anything else!

Now if only the mess would clean itself up!