Thursday, March 12, 2009

In NON-procrastinator Style...

I actually COMPLETED a project!!!!
I started and finished recovering these in 2 1/2 hours!

We have had them for about 7 months and they
were stained beyond stained! So, they have been off-white
and stain colors: including, but not limited to rootbeer,
crayon, milk, juice, RED crystal light, PURPLE crystal
light (why a mother would let her kids drink things those
colors is beyond me! She must not be very bright. *sigh*),
mud, etc.

Actually, the 2nd day we had them Emma ripped the
plastic (on purpose) temporarily left on the cushions and spilled
rootbeer precisely into the tear (on accident). Both types of
actions REGULAR occurances. UGH!!

One friend made the comment to her husband, "Yeah, if you
heard some of the stories about Emma, you would feel much
better about the accidents that happen at our house."

And this time they have THICK plastic covering them! I
guess we'll see how long they withstand Emma! But, I like
them for now!

Hmm. I will look on the bright side. Emma gives me the chance
to change things up at our house.


  1. That little emma is getting better! Have no fear! Emma's here! LOL or maybe the reverse!? Good for you on the chairs. They look great.

  2. I love your chairs...I love Emma, she keeps you hopping for sure. Tyler, Turkey Buzzard... great Turkey Buzzard!!


  3. Wow! Extra bonus points por starting and finishing a project in one sitting! I think I could learn from that...
    The chairs look nice!

  4. Amy - I am so proud of you - they look great. Let's see what kind of destruction Emma Lemma can do now