Friday, March 20, 2009

My Mom's Not Really My Mom...

As I am up in my bathroom doing my hair/makeup for my BIG DATE tonight, I have my windows open. My children have friends over to keep the busy and out of the aforementioned hair. So, I hear Tyler and his friend out on the playset talking. I didn't really pay attention to what they were talking about until I hear Tyler say, "My Mom's not REALLY my mom." Jason said something inaudible before I got closer to the window. Then, Tyler says, "Well, she's not my mom. She's my babysitter." Uh! INGRATE!

I call out from my second story window, "Whatever! You turkey-buzzard, Tyler!" Which shocks him. He is not used to the windows being open. Although he should be used to an eaves-dropping mother. Anyhow, he lets out a yelp, followed by a fake, mocking laugh at me.

Turkey-buzzard ingrate 7-year old!

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  1. LOL! Oh my goodness. Its amazing what kids will do for attention from others. Turkey buzzard is right!

    I LOVE THAT VIDEO of claire, btw! I watch it myself like three times a day (when I actually blog, I guess) because that opening sound she makes just gets me right here (points to heart). I laugh every time. You've got to watch it with three different kids for seven years now and I'm guessing you can't get enough, either. Especially when Daddies play with their kids.

    I sure love you and hope you had a fabulous anniversary!