Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Musings from the "Think Place"


The shower. :)

So today, I had the girls in the bathtub and since I had gone to spinning class today, I hopped in the shower. As I put too much shampoo in my hand, I started thinking about the $$ we were supposed to save on soap by purchasing a water softener (which I love). We should use less soap because the water is soft and it doesn't take as much to do the job. Well, I still haven't learned how to use less soap. So as I am oversudsing (Microsoft says that isn't a word, but whatever) my hair, I thought about it for a minute, feeling a little bad at my wastefulness. Then, in an instant I rationalized myself better! Thought process something like this...

I shouldn't use this much shampoo. My hair isn't even that long. My hair doesn't need to be this foamy to get clean. If I had shorter hair would I use less soap? I wonder how much Luke uses?


So I've decided, it's okay that I use twice as much shampoo. I am just using Luke's ration of shampoo. :) Meanwhile, I will try to remember to use a little less (but still not gonna do the guilt!) heehee

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Name is a name is a name

Deb, you'll like this one.

The girls and I were folding laundry and came across a pair of baby socks.
Quincey: Dees Tincey's?
Emma (laughing): No, these are for a baby!
Me: We can give them to baby Clarita.
Emma: Mooom! Her name is not that. She is Debbie's baby.
Me: Well, what is her name then?
Emma: Claire.
Me: No, it is Clarita.
Emma: No Mom! It is Claire!
Me: Emma, her name is Clairita.
Emma: No it isn't.
Me: Okay, but I call her Clarita.
Emma: But Mom, that isn't her name.

Stubborn kid, but I guess when you're right, you're right! But, I am sure I will be corrected again! Every baby has to have a nickname! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now I remember why I hate running errands!


After running more than a few errands, in not enough time, we came to Shopko. After some returns (and some not - DON'T LOSE YOUR RECEIPTS PEOPLE (prices drop quickly)), we looked at a few things quickly and got ready to leave - we needed to get back home to get Emma to a birthday party.

Luke had Emma and Tyler and turned around and said let's go. I turned to glimpse Quincey running past a rack of clothes. I said, "Come on Quincey." She turned the other way and ran around the clothes rack. I went and caught her and told her we needed to leave. I did not hang on to her - expecting her to follow me? (temporary loss of brain function).

I turned a split second and turned back to encourage her to continue to follow me. She was already long gone and I couldn't find her. So, I ran to the Customer Service desk and told them I was missing my child. To all who were staying up nights wondering, the situation is called a "CODE GREEN" at our local Shopko.

A manager (off duty) at the time, went and locked down the entire store until we could find her.

As I could no longer stand waiting there at the front of the store and I went looking also. After about 10-12 minutes, I heard "Cancel Code Green."

I charged to the front of the store and saw Quincey coming around an endcap with her arm stretched as high as she could reach, holding the hand of one of the tallest men I have ever seen! She marched with a swagger and her chin jutted out letting me know she had come on her terms only and I had lost! This was not her surrender, but her victory lap! What a STINKER!

Well, she did give me a hug - from which I instantly melted!

Growing Fences - for lovers of baby aminals

Today Emma wanted to have a friend come over to play.

Mom, I want the girl with the curly hair and the angel kisses all over her face.


Yeah, Maggie. Mom, what does Maggie's dad do?

He works in the forest. (He works for the National Forest Service).

How come my dad doesn't work in the forest?

Because your dad works in an office.

Mom, I want my dad to work in the woods, too.

Why do you want your dad to work in the woods?

Because then, he could bring me lots of baby aminals to put in our backyard.

Later...telling Luke the story in Emma's presence.

Luke replies, "Emma I couldn't bring you any animals. We don't have a fence."

Well dad, we can get a fence. I will grow one!

Emma, if you grow us a fence, I will get you some baby aminals.


My problem is this kid is so inginuitive and stubborn, she may just do it and Luke'll have to keep his promise. Then who gets stuck taking care of all the baby aminals? (Luckily, he did say aminals, as did she). And technically, aminals don't exist, right?!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tyler's secret crush.

Yesterday, Debbie (Luke's sister) was in town.
She asked Tyler, "What is your favorite part of school?"
Tyler: My teacher. She dresses nice and she has a nice face.

So today, I asked him. "So Tyler, you like your teacher, huh?"
Tyler: Yes.
Me: What do you like about her?
Tyler: Her eyes. Oh, and she smells nice, too. But mostly, her eyes.

Well at least he focuses on mentionable features! lol