Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Growing Fences - for lovers of baby aminals

Today Emma wanted to have a friend come over to play.

Mom, I want the girl with the curly hair and the angel kisses all over her face.


Yeah, Maggie. Mom, what does Maggie's dad do?

He works in the forest. (He works for the National Forest Service).

How come my dad doesn't work in the forest?

Because your dad works in an office.

Mom, I want my dad to work in the woods, too.

Why do you want your dad to work in the woods?

Because then, he could bring me lots of baby aminals to put in our backyard.

Later...telling Luke the story in Emma's presence.

Luke replies, "Emma I couldn't bring you any animals. We don't have a fence."

Well dad, we can get a fence. I will grow one!

Emma, if you grow us a fence, I will get you some baby aminals.


My problem is this kid is so inginuitive and stubborn, she may just do it and Luke'll have to keep his promise. Then who gets stuck taking care of all the baby aminals? (Luckily, he did say aminals, as did she). And technically, aminals don't exist, right?!


  1. He hehehe... gotta love those technicalities. But if she can grow a fence, maybe she can find aminals, too.

  2. Too cute! I think a big imagination is healthy as long as it'll last. :-)

  3. CHEATER! LOL! That's adorable...You can always argue that it's not a real fence?