Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tyler's secret crush.

Yesterday, Debbie (Luke's sister) was in town.
She asked Tyler, "What is your favorite part of school?"
Tyler: My teacher. She dresses nice and she has a nice face.

So today, I asked him. "So Tyler, you like your teacher, huh?"
Tyler: Yes.
Me: What do you like about her?
Tyler: Her eyes. Oh, and she smells nice, too. But mostly, her eyes.

Well at least he focuses on mentionable features! lol


  1. hahahaha! that is so cute. that is the most important feature, so good for him!

  2. What a riot! He's such a great kid...I didn't even know kids that age paid attention to nice smells and pretty eyes...pretty princess must be rubbing off on him!