Sunday, December 21, 2008

Church for Bare Nakeds!!

This was my good news minute in Relief Society today!

Quincey did not pee on me or the pew or floor of the church!

Let me preface by saying, Luke usually helps me get the kids ready for church. We get up at the same time and he takes the kids downstairs for breakfast and I try and get myself ready as quickly as possible. He brings them up. We bathe them and I get them the rest of the way ready while, he gets himself ready. Then, he takes them across the street to church and I finish getting ready and come by myself.

Well, today I got hung out to dry. Luke had to be at the church 45 mins early. So, he didn't get to help me at all! I thought I did REALLY well by getting them ready by the time he got home at 10 mins til and I even followed very closely behind and got there with 1 min to spare! Phew! Made it, but it was close!

So about 25 mins into the meeting, Quincey was being disruptive. I looked over to quiet her and she was pulling the hem of her dress up high (not undressing, but just not being ladylike). Then, I do a double take because she is BARE NAKED UNDERNEATH!!! Luckily she was sitting down. So, I don't think anybody saw. Keep in mind, she is not potty-trained! When, I got her dressed I could swear I put a diaper on her. I know I didn't put bloomers on over the diaper, but I am positive I put a diaper on her! I think! :) She can taker her own diaper off and throw it away. So, I am not sure what happened, but either way--BARE NAKED AT CHURCH!!

By the way, this was in the middle of the passing of the Sacrament! So, I couldn't just jump up and take her out. Oh, and I didn't have a diaper in my bag or I would have just put it on her right there. She kept pulling her dress all over and not keeping her bare nakedness covered. I kept trying to help her keep her dress down and she just kept yelling at me, not so much in words, but as a 2 yr old would do. Finally, she was squawking at me enough that I decided I had to take her out in the middle of the passing of the water. We ran home (literally across the street) and put a diaper on her. The bright side of this incident is that I found out she was bare naked by sight and not because of a warm, wet lap!! I don't even know what I would have done if that had happened!!

So Dana in honor of your blog I am calling this O' Fun For Bare Nakeds! Glad it's over!


  1. I am totally busting up over this one, Amy... Oh my-- that is just too, too funny!!!!!!!! Reilly went through a stage where she'd take her diaper off... but she never made it to church that way! :D Glad you were able to avert disaster! :)

  2. Your blogs cracked me up!! That will be one of the funniest stories when they are older as I am sure you will have MANY more!! Lol!!