Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Lights!

No, we did not hang our lights this late in the season. I have just procrastinated getting pictures up for everyone. However, in this procrastinators defense, I did previously take pictures, they were just hecka blurry! That was before the 75 mile and hour winds did some updates to our decorations!

The first modification the wind made was blowing the reindeer clear off the roof! I kept hearing a banging noise. Finally, I went to check it out and the reindeer were literally trying to fly Santa's sleigh right off the roof. The only thing keeping them attached to the roof was the electrical cord!

I must have looked quite foolish jumping around in the snow trying to catch these deer as they whipped around like an injured kite. Seriously, it took like 5 minutes to caught those darn things!

We actually got them back up where they belong a few days later, but some damage has been irreversible. Santa and one deer are only half lit. (insert tasteless joke here). I decided it is not on my high priority list this year to replace those 2 strands of light until I take them down for good. You like how I avoided using procrastination verbage there? I'm not procrastinating!! It's just not a high priority!

We also had some ornaments (same style as Santa and the deer) hanging below the big, middle window, but the wind mangled them beyond recognition. That's okay. I think they may not have quite fit in. Thanks for the remodel, Wind!

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  1. The house looks great! Wish we could see it in person. Maybe next year.