Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Well, being a native New Mexican (wayyyy down south), I am not to down with this snow stuff. Especially since it is -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah, totally yuck. Okay, enough whining.

Snow is not soo bad. You only have to take your shoes off immediately when you walk in the house or you end up with black water everywhere you've walked. But, first you have to take the 3 smaller pair off of their owners, or it doesn't matter if you've taken yours off in the designated area! That black water sludge is not any cuter when it is made by smaller, cuter feet! So by the time I get my shoes off, I usually end up with black wet socks. Ugh!

So, I have reverted back to shoes appropriate for the warmer climate I prefer - flip flops! That way I don't have black, soggy socks--just bright red feet! :) I'll spare you the pic (I have such lovely, girly feet).

Oh, right! I was going to stop whining about the cold!

So, I did get to take some pics of the snowy mountains and stuff. It is pretty. And it was even fun when we went caroling in the snow last night.
If you look carefully in the second picture you can see tracks in the snow. Whole different story! I was paying bills on the computer. Emma and Quincey were "watching a movie." or so I thought. It got awfully quiet downstairs. So, I finished up what I was doing (dummy! Listen to your inner alarm, bell, chimes, buzzer, WHATEVER! Just listen!)
Hmm. Like I've said before, I listen to myself about as well as my kids do.
Anyhow, I get downstairs and the sliding glass door is open wide. The diningroom chairs pulled over to the mudroom and the basket of gloves, hats, etc is balancing precariously almost off the shelf and it's contents are strewn across the floor in a trail to the aforementioned wide open door.
I look outside and Emma and Quincey are out on the swingset - happy as can be. Emma wearing her pj's, snowboots and a beanie and Quincey in her pj's and a pair of Maryjane shoes that are too big, even for Emma. Not to worry though, the snow had packed in around her bare little feet quite nicely. Not quite sure why the basket of gloves and hats, etc had to be strewn everywhere!! Let's not forget that Quincey had a nice cough BEFORE this incident!
Don't you love these moments? The ones where you didn't listen to that still small voice? I am grateful when the outcome is not catastrophic though and just serves as a reminder to be on your toes.


  1. isn't it amazing how little kids are NEVER cold! OR maybe swinging was more important. The pictures are so pretty! I can't believe I am saying this, but I miss the whiteness right after it snows. But that about it.

  2. OH DEAR! They are both so precocious that I'm not at all surprised...Lol

    they are totally dear though aren't they? love your affinity to flip-flops...i have the same one, but it's more because i don't have any other shoes but church shoes right now...LOL