Monday, December 15, 2008

Our big BAAA-d Emma!

We had our ward Christmas party Saturday night. It was really a fun party! We had a luau with pigs cooked in the pits and everything and it seems like almost everyone in the ward was there. Anyhow, we had a nativity. Tyler was one of the shepherds and Emma was the sheep. When they asked her to be the sheep, she was very excited. Later she changed her mind and said she would rather be a cow. Um, don't know what to say to that. In 8th grade a guy called me a cow and he came to school the next day with a black eye. But if the girl wants to be a cow, who am I to squash her dreams. :) However, I did talk her into being just a lowly sheep for the nativity.

So, there she was crawling on the ground with a sheep hide on her back (that kept sliding off).
As the nativity participants were coming in a little girl in the audience ran up to the front freaking out (with glee) "LOOK MOM! A SHEEP!" As she commenced stroking Emma's wooly coat!

I think that little girl had a more vivid imagination than I do. I mean come on! Look at that poor little sheep with a huge flower on it's forehead! I'm so proud! :) Tyler is the shepherd in brown. Luke was actually the narator, too.

Luckily, Rudolph made a wrong turn. So, Santa came to our Luau. He even wore his Hawaiin shirt! Santa got extremely lucky - he got a kiss from...
No, not Mommy!