Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Donder and Biscuit?

My children are beyond excited for Christmas. The house is overflowing with decorations waiting to be put in their places for the season. Tyler has located every book with a Christmas theme and has them in stacks to help feed his insatiable reading.

This morning he was reading the night before Christmas to us, as I made breakfast.

Tyler: Now Dasher, now...

Emma: Biscuit.

Tyler: Dancer, now Prancer...

Emma: Biscuit!! (a little more urgent).

Tyler: On Comet, on Cupid...

Emma: Tyler, you're missing Biscuit!

Tyler: No, I'm not. On Donder and...


Tyler: Emma, there is not a reindeer named Biscuit.

Emma: Yes, there is! My teacher telled me!

Tyler: It's Blitzen. You can call your reindeer Biscuit, but there is not one that pulls Santa's sleigh named Biscuit.

Emma: (no comment, for once).

As stubborn as she is we probably have a new deer pulling Santa's sleigh this year.


  1. Tyler is so reasonable! Leave it to him to come up with a logical way of solving Emma's anx and still stick to the reality of said santa...