Friday, November 14, 2008

Revelation in Lyrics?

I know my last post was about Quincey singing, but this time it was Emma.

This morning while she was supposed to be eating, Emma was singing. The only phrase I caught was "There is a lady in the dungeon and she' screaminggggggggggg!" As I contemplated her lyrics for a few moments, I thought, "hmm. I wonder if she is talking about me?" I was a little short of patience yesterday.


  1. You, short on patience? I doubt it...You have an amazingly adorable family, ya know!? Nick often makes up songs to sing to Claire...they come out as, "Claire-bear...she has no hair..." I need to start writing these down!

  2. he he heeeh ehe hehh eheehe he... nice.
    -Dana, who just found your blog, yay!