Friday, November 14, 2008

Procrastinator's Explanation

I know this blog is about my struggles with procastination. I also realize my last few posts have been stories about my kids. Correlation is that I am constantly telling myself, "Oh, that is a funny moment. I should write that down." But I NEVER do! I tell myself, "How could I ever forget that?!!" But sadly, I do. There are so many "moments" I have lost because I didn't give myself the reminders by writing them down. Darn procrastination!

So, here is one I do remember from when Tyler was 3 and Emma was 8 or 9 months old. We lived in Lindon (a two story home). I was laying tile in the upstairs laundryroom. Emma had been napping and Tyler had been "helping." I had the baby monitor on and Emma started crying. I only had about 5 minutes of cleanup to do. So, I asked Tyler to go downstairs to talk to Emma and keep her happy for a few minutes until I was done. He left and a few moments later I heard him walk into Emma. He asked her, "Emma, have you seen my Book of Mormon? It is the one where Nephi and his brothers go get the Brass Plates from mean Laban."

Oh, it still makes my heart melt. Cute kid.

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  1. ADORABLE! One of my favorite stories of Ty, too...I remember when it happened...

    Hey, what are you doing with those pics from yellowstone that you asked for (trying to be I making sense?) I just wondered if we were doing the same thing...