Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quincey, Quincey - You make me smile (and giggle)

Today I had Christmas music blaring - I know Halloween is barely past, but most of you whether you approve or not, are not surprised by this. Anyhow, the funny thing about this little story is Quincey. She LOVES music!! Her husky little voice and not knowing (or at least not annunciating) the words serves for a beautiful seranade - but surprisingly on key! lol She was running tirelessly around in a circle in the family room today for about an hour singing (to the aforementioned Christmas music) and making herself dizzy. Seriously, it was non-stop. I kept looking over at her and just giggling to myself. At one point, Emma asked me what I was laughing at.

And speaking of dizzy...

We were in Las Vegas last week visiting Marlies and Tim. We were at Marlies' house and her roommate has a Bassett Hound (Pansy), that Quincey is not too sure about because Pansy is so big compared to a 2 yr old. So, I was spinning around making Quincey (and myself) dizzy and then having Quincey try to walk to me. I know bad mom, but she thought it was funny too. It got funnier when, Melissa let the dogs in and they tore upstairs right when I set Quincey down after a good spin around the room. Which panicked poor Quincey, who tried to run to me and was falling over in her attempt to get away from the dogs because she was so dizzy.

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  1. The simple pleasures of 2 yr old. Hope you had fun in Cali and Vegas!