Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Emma's B-day Oct 2008

I just realized I never published this post of Emma's 4th birthday! Grandma and Grandpa Mathews came over and cousin Chelsea. We sure love our Emma and I am so proud of her. She is growing up so fast. Her case of the terrible 2's seems to be abating and I can't wait until she is completely cured (as we had an episode only last night).

Emma and her new piggy, Repunzal.
Emma blowing out the candles on her Princess Castle cake. I know it's sad, but is it wrong for me to be impressed with my own remedial cake decorating skills? Also, here is my sad/remedial attempt at a poem about my favorite trial. lol Happy Birthday Emma! As much grief (as in good grief, Charlie Brown) you give me, I am so glad you chose to come to our family to teach me.

All about girly things, I know nothing about.
You know all the best ways to cry and to pout.

Pink and lacy, silky or ruffled.
Your projecting voice you rarely muffle.

You've got such spirit, I'm sure we're in trouble.
My parental wish: a protective bubble.

Spirit and fire and a slight stubborn streak.
These attributes? from mom, I wish I could tweak.

Humility and patience I hope you acquire.
Without too much work from the refiner's fire.
Knowing what you want is mostly good.
Make sure you treat others the way that you should.

A leader you'll become as you learn and grow.
If how to put others first, I can help you to know.
I pray you find friends, who love you for you.
Who try hard to be friendly, loving and true.

Continue to show great passion and love.
Heavenly Father will guide YOU with love from above.
I love you.


  1. That cake is awesome! I am very impressed. Also with the poem- that was sweet and I'm sure Emma will be glad you wrote it for her.

  2. You are good at everything you do. I can't even frost a square cake! I love her bow. She is getting so big. What a firecracker!