Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Bye Old Friends!!!! {sniff}

Oh, the tragedy of it all! The last 2 day, I made the kids (let me) clean out the toyroom to make room for the new toys they will get for Christmas. I have had a bit of a de-junking bug lately. Not that I get around to doing anything about it, but I have it nonetheless.

Tonight, I decided to clean up my closet and drawers (to make room for my presents! hehe! I have no idea what I am getting! But the thought of having something to replace the stuff I got rid of more exciting!) So, I am saying goodbye to many of my very best t-shirt friends. I love my old ratty t-shirts and worn out shorts. I HATE shopping for clothes and just get so comfortable with what I have. Unfortunately these items seem to get more and more comfortable until one day I finally realize they have a gazillion holes, etc. But do I get rid of them? No.

So, I went through and picked out some clothes I know I need to stop wearing and told Luke I was getting rid of them. He was grateful, if not happy. He would like to see me dress up more. But I will tell you a quick story that denotes at least one reason why I don't like to wear my nicer clothes on a regular basis.

I finally went out ( a week and a half ago) and used the giftcard Luke gave me for Christmas, last year! The next day I was wearing one of the shirts and I got BLEACH on the "chest" of the shirt! Yeah, no way I can wear that one again!

That is a typical thing I do. I ruin clothes and I have passed the trait on to my kids! It seems as though we are walking disasters! Give us a new article of clothing and I swear, it won't last the week! So, then my kids end up wearing their nice clothes only once in a while, too.

I guess I shouldn't worry about it and just let them/me wear/ruin them! Maybe I will be able to be less hard on clothes when I grow up!


  1. LOL!!! That is so typical, isn't it? I ruin whatever I touch too...It's come to the point that Nick won't let me wear anything he owns because he will get it back with a button missing or a stain or big hole...

    Nick would like to see me dress up more, too...I have stopped wearing my pjs in front of people---I thought I was doing a good job!

  2. It must be a Mathews thing. Ben actually bought me some new shirts the other day, but bless his soul, they were all too tight. I am still carrying around all my baby fat. I like to tell myself, its because she was so big.
    Someday, it will be gone. Hopefully.