Friday, February 13, 2009

Failures of a Disney Fanatic!!

In a moment of insanity yesterday, I decided to sort through my boxes of scrapbook stuff and get organized so I can get back to doing some scrapping! Poor Quincey doesn't have anything for her scrapbook and she's 2 yrs old!

Anyhow, I decided to turn on a movie for the girls to keep their busy hands and sticky fingers out of my stickers. Wanting to avoid the further cleanup of stickers stuck on everything fromt the carpet to the sofa to the wooden chairs (stickers adhere particularly well to wood), etc. Emma asked to watch the little mermaid. It took a while for me to find it, with Emma cheering me on, "but mom! You found it last time!" So, I dug a little further and finally "Voila! Found it!"

Emma: That's not the Little Mermaid (frowning at the cover).
Me: Yes, it is.
Emma: No, it's not! That's the BIG mermaid!

She wanted to watch the Little Mermaid II. To her Ariel is the mom and Melody is the true Little Mermaid. On a sidenote this is somewhat how I view my life (I am not the BIG mermaid! I am still the young, little, fun mermaid!)

WHHAAAAAHHHH! I guess I must give up my title as Disney Movie Buff. I hereby renounce my crown and throne until further date as I can prove myself worthy and my children more knowledgable of things MOST IMPORTANT.


  1. Amy you are a crackup! Don't worry, I bet you'll get it back in no time- your throne. You just need to work at it a little more and watch more movies. Maybe you can get ahead when she is sleeping! :)
    And how hilarious about the Hannah Montanna lunchbag. That is so something I would do and then just laugh at Travis' dismayed face of no hope. You are too funny!!!

  2. LOl...that's great...You still probably know all the cheesey songs from that movie, too, though!