Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tyler and Hannah Montana

At the beginning of the school year, Tyler did not have a lunchbox. I could not find one that was worth the $$, in my opinion. So, Tyler and I colored a bunch of brown paper lunch sacks with some of his favorite characters, holidays, etc. We had a good stack of them. Emma got a little jealous. So, we made a few for her, as well.

Eventually, I found a lunchbox for a good deal and Tyler stopped taking sack lunches. The other day (and once before) someone made off with his lunchbox and he has started taking sack lunches again. Recently, we ran out of the decorated ones. So, I started sending plain brown ones.

A few days into the stack of plain sacks, I was making Tyler's lunch. He walked into the kitchen and says, "Mooom! Some kids made fun of me yesterday for my Hannah Montana lunchbag."

Ooops. The Hannah Montana bag had been one of Emma's sacks and was only decorated on one side. I guess I failed to notice the girly decoration. I thought it was just one of the many plain ones left.

I hope in having me for a mother he is at least learning to laugh about these types of situations as I can only suppose this will not be my one mistake or shortcoming as a mother!

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  1. he's so wonderful. He could have been so broken by that, but he just mentioned it to you in the process. Do you know how much I love that kid?! I think you have the greatest kids...all of them have so much personality...how's quincey feeling?