Monday, August 10, 2009

Apparently Relief!!

So, this one was too good to pass up putting on here quickly. I really shouldn't even be on here because I have soooo much to accomplish before I become the one armed bandit. So, here is the quick version.

Preface: Our master bathroom has the toilet separated from the rest of the bathroom by a door. So, it is it's own little toilet room.

Quincey ran in yesterday as I was getting ready for church. The door to the toilet room was closed. She was dancing faster than anything I have ever seen - stamping her feet so hard and furiously that she could not manage to get the door open. I opened it for her. She gasped, "TANKS" (not a spelling error) and runs in the bathroom.

She pulled down her pants. Then, pulled them back up and turned on the light.

Then, she pulled down her pants again. Oops.

Pulled them back up and shut the door.

Then, I assume she pulled them off again and got on the toilet, because I could hear her going to the bathroom.

I heard silence for a second.

Then, she sighed - very emphatically! Silence again.

Then, I heard her say, "Phew! Dat was Tlose!"

As she finished up, she was so impressed with how close it had been, she said "Dat was tlose" a few more times.

All the while not knowing I could hear her.

It made me giggle several times. :)


  1. She is so modest. Mine would have been running around with their pants down around their ankles.

    Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. AGH! So adorable! What a keeper!

    See you monday.

  3. P-E-E, that is how I spell relief....

  4. That is awesome! haha she is so cute!

  5. Ummmm...what's going on, dear. I haven't heard from you in a while and apparently I should have...

  6. What a sweet heart. She is so dear.
    Grandma Mathews