Friday, July 17, 2009

A little early for heart attacks like this!

Yesterday we were at Grandma's house and I was talking to Grandma but left the car running. Emma (bless her heart - grr) got in the front seat (when will I learn to keep one eye on her at ALL times?) and proceeded to rev the engine by stomping down on the gas pedal all the way!

Freaked me out with my car whining with all those RPM's! So, I explained to her how dangerous that was and why I tell her not to get in the front seat with all the buttons. Of course she was "So, so, so sorry!" - with her professional grade tears. (If I actually thought an actresses life wasn't destined for misery, I might actually push her that direction! She is like the most fabulous little actress!)

Then Emma says, "Tyler's drived a car." (tattle tale voice)

Me: Oh, yeah? Whose car? (skeptically)

Tyler: Seth's mom's.

Me: When? (still skeptically)

Tyler: At nighttime at Seth's house.

Me: Who was with you and where were you driving?(a little less skeptically)

Tyler: Just me and Seth down his road.

Me: Where was his mom and dad (trying to hide the panic!)? All these answers came so matter of factly without any hesitation. He was REALLY starting to freak me out! Forget the freaking out from Emma's little stunt!




  1. Your kids crack me up. Why does our family have over its share of assertive and sassy children? Were we all THAT bad that we deserve this?? People always tell me it is payback for how I was, BUT my argument to that is I wasn't like that until my teenage years...not toddler years!

  2. You were a pretty sassy toddler, my friend! :) Don't you remember the penny and open sesame?

  3. Sounds like they are a team already! Better watch out! Something sounds like this won't be the last "joke on mom." Such funny and cute kids!

  4. ummm...did I tell you that I'm scared to death of Claire talking to tell me stories like that!? AGH!

  5. I was an eye witness to Emma's first driving experience. I remember some of her uncles and aunts in a similar situation in B.C. Mom (that's me) literally running down the street trying to stop a great big Oldsmobile station wagon has it rolled on down the road.