Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Treading Water

Today whilst I was procrastinating other stuff and paying bills on the computer, Emma decided to have her own bit o' fun. I must preface this with an insite to my "Princess Emma." She is a drama"QUEEN." So, I guess she is not my "Princess" Emma, but you get the gist. Anyhow, she has also inherited my curiosity of how things work and is constantly taking things apart and then expects ME to fix them! Actually, I think she gets that from her Uncle Stephen. The other day, she broke her ceramic piggy bank (for the 2nd time) but this time into many more pieces. When I said we should throw it away. She says, "But Mommy, you can fix it!" After I said it was beyond repair the tears pouring down her face, "but please Mommy! Please!" How can you say no to that. I ended up spending a day and half with the pig on the counter gluing various parts as others dried. What a pain! However, it is back together-until next time she decides to try and put it on the topshelf she cannot reach. That little anecdote actually had nothing to do with today. So back to my little princesses "Emma-tude." She thinks she is big enough to do ANY and EVERYthing. She loves to pour her own drinks, dish her own food, stick her fingers in stuff and basically loves to make messes. So today, I left her downstairs by herself watching a movie (I think I momentarily lost my mind) so I could pay bills on the computer. About 20 minutes later I walk downstairs and my kitchen floor is glistening (no, I did not mop it recently and even when I do it doesn't look that shiny!) No, I had about a half inch of water on my floor. Not "oh, thank goodness it's water!" The water was to clean up the RED DYE #40-oops I mean Crystal Lite drink she spilled on my white/tan counter height stools! She previously had seen me take the chairs outside and wash them off by using pitchers of water to rinse vinegar out of the seats (also courtesy of our little princess). So, she decided to clean them that way, also. Only this time in the house. My favorite part of all this is that she throws such a stink when I have her help me clean these messes up! It's like "helloooo!" "I feel like the maid. I just cleaned up this place! Can't we keep it clean for like 5 minutes?!"

But the semblance of sanity is here today, I did get to play some volleyball! Yay me!

Anyhow, back to today.

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