Monday, April 26, 2010

The Replacement...

For the last week and a half, Emma has eaten her dinner like an obedient, non-confrontational child.  In the past this has not been her normal demeanor. See pic to the left for her normal demeanor.

The other night, Luke asked her, "Who are you and what have you done with my Emma?"

Emma without missing a beat replied, "I am the replacement."

Luke asked, "Well, where's the old Emma?"

Emma once again without hesitation and a bit of mystery/spunk in her voice said, "She is on a Mission."

Totally cracked us up.  And the even better part is, whenever she starts to struggle with her attitude or wanting to be obedient, I ask her, "Are you the replacement or the old Emma?"  She usually concedes to being the replacement and changes her attitude to a more positive one.  Heavenly Father must have heard my "at the end of my rope" pleas! :)


  1. I love the Emma on a mission. Can you bring her back when I come to visit????????

  2. LOL! My goodness she's a keeper. Even with the old Emma, you could at least laugh at her crazy antics, but now she's smart and easy. that's so great. Good work, mom and dad.

    ps---my mother used to call me "roberta the neighbor girl" when I was not behaving like I should. I hated roberta's name so much that I would change because I couldn't stand to hear that name said. Still feel that way about that name!