Friday, October 10, 2008

The Traveling Mooner!!

Story behind the "Traveling Mooner"

I had an email sent to me by my SIL.
It was a picture of a (much better)
version of this guy. I sent it to a few
friends. One emailed back and
thought it was VERY hilarious.
She thought we all should duplicate it.
So, was born the idea for the "traveling"
mooner. When he appears on your lawn.
You can move him immediately to
someone else's lawn or you can leave
him for a day or so. The idea is to "moon"
as many houses (people) as possible!
Just make sure when you pass him on,
it is to someone's lawn who can appreciate
the type of humor that comes with this sort
of "Halloween Prank." :)

You've been mooned - pass it on.

Sorry my pics are not very good. I stuck it on
my friends lawn took a snapshot and jetted!


  1. How did you learn to do this so quickly! It took me like a week to figure out all of this stuff. Good for you! I love your blog. Keep them coming. I didn't understand the: I love you three, bit.

  2. Love it! In high school we had a traveling toilet. Not sure our parents enjoyed it, but we got a kick out of it. I am working on the rafting pictures.

  3. Amy, um, I'm stalking you here too because Debbie has a link from her blog! I laughed out loud and nearly fell down at these pics - what a great idea! I'm totally trying to sell my husband on letting me do it next year! Your kids are ADORABLE BTW.

  4. that is wayyy easier than making treats and copies like the ghogt thing. And more awesome.