Sunday, October 5, 2008

Even a Procrastinator Can Have Spiritual Moments!

I didn't include this in yesterday's entry because it was already pretty looong.

When we got into Salt Lake for Conference, traffic was pretty bad. Imagine that. Luke decided that it would be better for Chelsea and me to get in and get our seats and save him one. So, we got out of the car at the stoplight and walked across the street to the Conference Center (in the rain). Luke parked the car and only had to walk in said rain, 5 blocks. What a guy! Course it doesn't wreck his hair. lol

As we were crossing the street with the masses, there was a man yelling that "THERE IS NO LOVE IN THE MORMON RELIGION!" Which at first made me chuckle. Then, it made me sad. I cannot believe people would side with Satan enough that they are past feeling the Spirit that they cannot even decipher "LOVE."

I parted ways with Chelsea and her friend. We were in different sections. I found my seat next to a lady that had a son singing in the Childrens Choir. We talked for a while. Then, the choir started to warm up. They sang "I am a Child of God." Which I will admit made me tear up. I glanced over at the lady next to me. She also had tears in her eyes. I mentioned the man outside. I said, "You cannot listen to this (gesturing at the choir) and tell me there is no love in our religion." She said, "Yeah, I wish we could bring them in here for just 3 seconds and let them hear this. But then, that probably wouldn't even work because they are so far past feeling that they wouldn't get it." Sad.

I hate the thought of having to live without knowing the truths and comforts that knowing I am a Child of God gives me daily. The talks this conference have been phenomenal, informative and motivating. I love that we get to hear the prophet of God, (Thomas Spencer Monson) and the rest of His apostles and leaders of God's church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) bare their testimonies to bouy us up. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost who testifies the truth to us and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to sit by this lady and have that conversation. Where else can you go and have that kind of experience with someone you don't even know? I love the church and it's "unity" that it's teachings are the same no matter where you go in the world.

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  1. how luck to actually have been there! i totally teared up during the children's songs.