Thursday, February 10, 2011

THE B-I-G 4-0!!

NO NOT ME!! I am way to young for that! ;0)

The Birthday boy and the "waiters" at Los Birthday Club!!

When "Sweetie" came home from work, the kids told him we
were going out to a restraunt for his birthday dinner.  The
table was set and I obviously made dinner, but he went along
with it.  We blindfolded him and got in the truck and drove around
the neighborhood.  The kids pointed the way to "Los Birthday
Club" - the chic-est place in town - and they have GREAT
Mexican food, if I do say so myself! 

After arriving back in the driveway, the kids led Luke up the
 front steps into the "restraunt"still blindfolded.  They led him
to his table and presented the menu to him using their finest
"high class" voices using lots of phrases with "sir" in them.

               This is the menu with the cards he received.
                     We had the traditional birthday pie. 
         Then, we started a one time only tradition of Silly String.
       We got him.  Then...

                                         He GOT US!!
                         Not fair! We only got him a little!!!
                     We had the nightly wrestling match.
                                    And opened presents.
The best part of giving/getting presents are the snuggles afterward.

              One of the presents was Mexican Train Dominoes.
We did have one casualty of the night.  One of the killer goblets
broke a plate.  It's okay Quince.  :0)
                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!


  1. That is totally cute! Happy birthday, big guy,

  2. Does this mean I am not the only one turning 40 this year.... whew!

  3. Maybe just the coolest people are turning 40 this year! :P