Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's that I Smell??

While driving home the kids (mostly Emma) and I had the following conversation.  I was prepping them for cleaning and doing chores, when we got there.
Tyler said something about already having made his bed, so why does he have to do MORE chores!

Me:  Making your bed is not really a chore.  It's just one of those things you have to do before you GET to do your other chores! :)

Emma:  (in a haughty tone) WELL, I DON'T EVEN HAVE A BED TO MAKE, 'CAUSE CARSON!!

My nephew is staying the summer with us.

Me:  Well, he leaves tomorrow. So, you can have your own bed back! (in my best isn't that so awesome voice?!!)

Emma: (disgruntled and surly) Yeah, but it will still SMELL like Carson!! (exhales)

Me:  We will wash the sheets. It will be fine.

Emma: (still disgruntled and surly) YEAH and spray it!

Me: Why does Carson stink?

Emma: Uh, yeah! (snotty tone)

She has the Matkin nose!  (and attitude!!)


  1. I love this kid. she is so many things. she'll grow up and be exactly like her momma: wonderful

    (although, she actually is getting pretty close already)